Profiles of Utah legislators

The 2012 legislative session is coming. Here’s a couple of things to help you get ready.

First, I’ve taken data that I’ve written about in the past (such as ideology scores, legislator absenteeism, bill sponsorship activity, and floor power) and turned it into series of legislator profiles. For example, here are the profiles of Rep. David Clark, Rep. Carl Wimmer, Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, Sen. Dan Liljenquist, Sen. Ben McAdams, and Sen. Ross Romero. You can find additional legislator profiles here.

Second, I’ve created legislator flashcards. You can learn the name, face, and position of all 104 legislators. I’ve been making these for legislative interns for a few years, but they are now public. Caveat: Due to recent resignations, some of the details in these flashcards will need to be updated in a couple of weeks. You can find Utah legislator flashcards here.

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