Getting registered

Before you can contribute to this blog, you must register with a username and password. To do so, look for the “register” link in the blog’s footer. Follow the steps to create a username and password. Please write down your password so you don’t forget it.

After registering, you will need to fill out your complete profile before posting. Click here to edit your profile. Be sure to give your (real) first and last names. At the bottom of the page, write a sentence or two about yourself in the third person. This will appear below each post you write; look at bios below other authors’ posts to get an idea of what should go here. It is not necessary to fill out any other fields. If you wish, you may learn more about these other profile fields at this website.

Your photograph will appear next to your posts. To make this work, you need to visit and create an account there using the same email address that you used to create your account here. Then, upload a photograph to and associate it with your email address. Whenever you post a comment to any gravatar-enabled website, including this one, that photograph will appear next to your comment. (If you’re curious, there’s a little video on gravatar’s homepage that explains how this works.)

You may now write your first post. For instructions, hover your mouse over the “help for contributors” link at the top of this page and choose the appropriate link.