Student week on Utah Data Points

Our semester at BYU is winding down–classes ended on Thursday and final exams begin on Monday.  As part of BYU’s Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy (CSED), we have organized the CSED Research Lab to provide a setting for CSED faculty and a few of our best students to interact about our research.  This semester, each student has worked with a faculty member to produce a blog post for Utah Data Points.  During the next week, we will post a few student-written contributions for what we hope will be a regular “student week” on Utah Data Points every semester.

Our first student post (to follow shortly) will help basketball fans get in the mood for Saturday’s BYU/Utah basketball game.  Over the next week we’ll post about trends in Tea Party support and their importance for policy debates as well as some analysis of survey “feeling thermometers” that include Governor Gary Herbert and Representative Jim Matheson.  We should note that a post earlier in October about whether legislators’ voting records match well with their constituents’ views was produced by Robert Richards, one of our CSED Undergraduate Research Fellows.  For all of the posts during student week the analysis and writing we’ll post has been primarily done by the students, but we’ve ultimately checked and approved the work, so please direct inquiries (or complaints) about the research to us (the faculty members).

These students are doing very good work. Stay tuned…

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Quin Monson is Associate Professor of Political Science and a Senior Scholar with the Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy at Brigham Young University.
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