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Did gerrymandering produce Republican gains in the Utah Legislature?

Single member districts are always going to give the minority party fewer seats than votes, and the disparity gets larger as the minority party gets smaller. I wrote last week that the 2013 Utah Legislature will be the second-most Republican … Continue reading

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Redistricting backgrounders – What have we learned?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve posted a ridiculous amount of research about the redistricting process here in Utah. What have we learned? Here’s the Cliff Notes version. Looking back: How has Utah’s population grown since 2000? Utah’s population is … Continue reading

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How badly were legislative districts gerrymandered in 2001?

Although Democrats win 30% of the Utah House votes statewide but only 23% of the seats, we cannot conclude that partisan gerrymandering is to blame. If you add up all the votes cast for Utah House candidates statewide in 2010, … Continue reading

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Two conflicting BYU studies on immigration?

Taking these two studies together, we find that (1) many people don’t know the LDS Church’s stance, but (2) those who do know it tend to move in the Church’s direction, at least if they are LDS Republicans. Today, the … Continue reading

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Will Utah’s redistricting committee be biased?

Speaker Lockhart and President Waddoups apparently did not try to stack the redistricting committee. Yesterday, legislative leaders announced which members of the Utah legislature would serve on the redistricting committee. Let’s consider which groups are well represented on this committee … Continue reading

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Is Rep. Dougall the same (ideologically) as Rep. Frank?

Utah news has been aflutter for the past week about an error made by the Utah County Clerk’s office that results in Rep. Craig Frank losing his seat. Seems that a couple thousand Utahns–including Frank–who thought they lived in Frank’s … Continue reading

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