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Why is Utah’s turnout falling?

In the 1980s, Utah ranked in the top 10 for voter turnout; since 2006, Utah has ranked in the bottom 5. Why? Earlier today, I wrote about Utah’s declining turnout, and about claims made yesterday in a legislative committee that … Continue reading

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Journalist’s resource

Folks interested in easy-to-read summaries of current social science research should check out Journalist’s Resource. The site’s goal is to make life easier for journalists by pointing them toward interesting studies that can lead to engaging newspaper articles. I’ve had … Continue reading

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Is Utah’s turnout low because it has so many young voters?

Utah’s youth are not to blame for Utah’s lower-than-average turnout. In my last post, I showed that voter turnout in Utah is worse than the lieutenant governor’s statistics imply. I admit that the graph I used then was a bit … Continue reading

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