What caught people’s interest in 2012?

This blog has been live for a little over two years now. We published 69 new posts in 2012, for a total of 144 in the archive. Our most popular posts in 2012 generally fell into three categories:

  • Posts about the presidential election, especially about Romney
  • Posts about Mormons, especially about Romney
  • “Cage match” posts helping sort out what was going on in various legislative nomination fights

For the curious, these were the most-viewed posts of 2012:

  1. Be careful with district maps (Dec 28, 2011)
  2. Who Do Mormons Say Represents Their Faith Positively? (Oct 25, 2012)
  3. Cage match: Casey Anderson vs Evan Vickers (March 20, 2012)
  4. How Deep is Support for Romney Among Mormons Nationally? (Nov 6, 2012)
  5. Public Opinion on Gay Marriage in Utah (July 9, 2012)
  6. Key Research Poll General Election Predictions (Oct 22, 2012)
  7. What the election shows: That social science works (Nov 7, 2012)
  8. Cage match: Patrick Painter vs Ralph Okerlund (March 20, 2012)
  9. Do Mormons really glow? A scientific study (Dec 15, 2010)
  10. Cage match: Craig Frank vs John Valentine (March 20, 2012)

Thanks for reading!

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