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Voter turnout in Utah just got worse

In 2014, Utah was one of only 4 states with turnout below 29%. This post is based on preliminary turnout figures from the various states. These findings may need to be revised as provisional and absentee ballots are counted nationwide. … Continue reading

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Party Identification, Party Registration, and “Unaffiliated” Voters

Only 26% of unaffiliated voters also identify as independents. The remaining unaffiliated voters split evenly between Republicans (35%) and Democrats (34%). In other words, it’s probably okay to confuse registered Republicans (party registration) with self-identified Republicans (party identification), but unaffiliated … Continue reading

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No, Utah will not have 80% turnout

Estimating Utah’s turnout by looking only at registered voters is like estimating Utah’s average wealth by looking only at those who are employed. Important note (November 20, 2012). The turnout numbers below rely on data from Michael McDonald. He has … Continue reading

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Why is Utah’s turnout falling?

In the 1980s, Utah ranked in the top 10 for voter turnout; since 2006, Utah has ranked in the bottom 5. Why? Earlier today, I wrote about Utah’s declining turnout, and about claims made yesterday in a legislative committee that … Continue reading

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Purging Utah’s voter rolls will not boost turnout

Utah’s abysmal turnout is not caused by bloated registration rolls. It is caused by citizens choosing not to participate. Yesterday, a legislative committee debated legislation that would remove a citizen from the voter registration rolls if he or she fails … Continue reading

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Children and Dead People Are NOT Voting in Utah.

It’s pretty clear that Utah election administration doesn’t really look like Chicago Machine Politics in the 1950s no matter how many database oddities we might find. In a blog post Monday, my colleague Adam Brown analyzed the publicly available Utah … Continue reading

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