The Utah legislature’s 20 closest votes in 2012

Yesterday, I wrote that narrow votes are extremely rare in the Utah legislature, as are party-line votes. Instead, the legislature shows a clear preference for consensus voting, with majorities of Democrats and Republicans voting on the same side.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Today, I thought I would post the 20 closest votes in each chamber from the 2012 session. You can click the bill’s number to learn about the bill; you can click the vote totals to see how each legislator voted. The “vote margin” is the differences between the number of “ayes” and “nays.”

You can find tables like this for past legislative sessions at my other site.

The 20 closest votes in the 2012 Utah House of Representatives

Bill Vote type Ayes-Nays-Absent Vote margin
HB0325 House/ failed 35-36-4 1
HB0424 House/ failed 36-37-2 1
HB0210 House/ uncircled 37-35-3 2
SB0210 House/ passed 3rd reading 38-36-1 2
HB0210 House/ failed 36-39-0 3
HB0298 House/ floor amendment 38-35-2 3
HB0090 House/ passed 3rd reading 38-34-3 4
SB0062 House/ passed 3rd reading 39-35-1 4
HB0414 House/ passed 3rd reading 38-33-4 5
SB0039 House/ passed 3rd reading 39-34-2 5
HB0022 House/ passed 3rd reading 39-33-3 6
HB0119 House/ failed 32-38-5 6
HJR013 House/ passed 3rd reading 38-32-5 6
SB0041 House/ passed 3rd reading 39-32-4 7
SB0082 House/ floor amendment 38-31-6 7
SB0098 House/ passed 3rd reading 39-32-4 7
HB0140 House/ passed 3rd reading 41-33-1 8
HB0049 House/ floor amendment 38-29-8 9
HB0051 House/ passed 3rd reading 40-31-4 9
HB0068 House/ passed 3rd reading 40-30-5 10

The 20 closest votes in the 2012 Utah Senate

Bill Vote type Ayes-Nays-Absent Vote margin
SB0059 Senate/ failed 14-15-0 1
SB0211 Senate/ passed 2nd reading 15-14-0 1
HB0213 Senate/ floor amendment 15-12-2 3
SB0044 Senate/ failed 11-14-4 3
SJR022 Senate/ passed 2nd reading 16-13-0 3
SJR026 Senate/ floor amendment 16-13-0 3
HB0229 Senate/ failed 12-16-1 4
HB0448 Senate/ passed 2nd reading 16-12-1 4
SB0112 Senate/ failed 12-16-1 4
SB0210 Senate/ passed 3rd reading 16-12-1 4
HB0139 Senate/ passed 3rd reading 17-12-0 5
SB0085 Senate/ passed 2nd reading 17-12-0 5
SB0139 Senate/ failed 11-16-2 5
HB0107 Senate/ passed 3rd reading 17-11-1 6
HB0220 Senate/ passed 2nd reading 17-11-1 6
HB0250 Senate/ passed 3rd reading 17-11-1 6
HB0298 Senate/ passed 2nd reading 16-10-3 6
SB0107 Senate/ failed 11-17-1 6
HB0041 Senate/ failed 11-18-0 7
HB0081 Senate/ passed 2nd reading 16-9-4 7

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