How educated are Utah’s legislators? An update

Back in February, I released data on the educational attainment of Utah’s legislators. I found that the Utah Senate’s education level was above average for a state legislative chamber, while the Utah House was well below average. Details are here: How educated are Utah’s legislators? I collected my data in September 2009.

Yesterday, the Chronicle of Higher Education released a similar dataset, one they collected (apparently) in spring of this year. It’s worth taking a look at their interactive map.

Unfortunately, they present their data by state, not by chamber. So you can see from their data that Utah is a bit above average in terms of the number of legislators who earned an associate’s degree or higher, but you can’t use their data to compare the Utah Senate to the Utah House like I did.

Incidentally, I’m pretty pleased that I managed to get them to quote two of our founders (John Adams and James Madison) in their published article about these data.

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