Redistricting backgrounders

Over the next couple weeks, we will publish several posts looking at Utah’s ongoing redistricting process. We’ll begin by looking closely at the 2010 U.S. Census results and discussing what they might mean for redistricting. We’ll also take a look at how Utah’s partisan balance has evolved over the past decade.

Some posts will look more at how the four U.S. House districts will need to be drawn. Other posts will look more at how the 75 Utah House districts will need to be drawn.

Things may change, but expect to see the following posts appear over the next few days. (I’ll come back and link to all the posts here as each post goes live.)

So keep us in your feed readers. We’ll be posting something almost every weekday for the next couple weeks.

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About Adam Brown

Adam Brown is an associate professor of political science at Brigham Young University and a research fellow with the Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy. You can learn more about him at his website.
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